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Vista-MX/REE for Canopy RMR, BMR, REE

Research Quality Resting Energy Expenditure Measurements

Click on "TurboFit" for software features and specifications.

We guarantee +/-2% accuracy of the
Resting VO2 and VCO2 measurement!

Vista MX-REE is a complete metabolic measurement system for Resting Energy Expenditure (BMR, RMR, REE) testing. It may be used as a portable desktop system with your own computer, or with an integrated mobile cart, including "IBM-compatible" computer and high resolution color LCD monitor.

The basic Vista MX-REE includes O2 and CO2 gas analyzers, permanently calibrated turbine ventilation meter, a USB PC interface with our "TurboFit" software and either a canopy (hood), mouthpiece or face mask interface.

REE measurements can be made accurately and reliably with a face mask, however, much published research used the canopy method.
Our REE module offers several advantages that guarantee better accuracy than the original (DeltaTrak) system.

Canopy (Hood) Module for Resting Energy Expenditure Measurements (REE)

  • It includes an active mixing circuit that assures true mixed expired gas sampling.
  • It MEASURES gas flow instead of using "calibrated" orifices.
  • It offers continuously variable air flow.

Canopy Cat # 17108 photo at right

Included is a "Canopy Calibrator" that produces a known VO2, VCO2 and therefore a known REE at known RQ.

The Canopy Calibrator produces
a precise simulated Resting Metabolic Rate, a known VO2 & VCO2, therefore a known REE at
a known RQ and verifies overall system accuracy, including software to verify the accuracy of any Canopy VO2 system!

Special MX-REE Features

  • (Optional)Automatic "Fi" re-calibration: Since ambient FiO2 and FiCO2 may change during the test, and may affect measurement accuracy, you can set a periodic "Fi Re-Calibration interval" that will measure the Fi and automatically insert the new values into the VO2 and VCO2 computation.
  • A "Zero CO2" calibration: During initial gas analyzer calibration, ambient air is drawn through a CO2 absorber to produce a known "zero" CO2 gas.


  • Paramagnetic O2 sensor and infra-red CO2 sensor.
  • Flow Sensor: Permanently calibrated, micro-processor compensated turbine.
    Accuracy: +/- 2%.
  • Nafion permanent dryer
  • USB Plug-and-Play PC interface
  • Optional mixing chamber for exercise stress testing (VO2max)
  • External Inputs:
    ECG/Heartrate digital and analog
    Heart Rate interface imports heart rate from any Polar watch (optional)
    RS232 ports for treadmill and/or ergometer control
  • Size/Weight: Depends on options

Package 17585 includes the following components:
17591 Vista-MX (Gold Edition)
17597 REE Canopy Module
17055 REE Calibrator
17108 Canopy, Veil and Tubes
Workstation cart, PC, monitor and printer
Calibration syringe, gases and regulator

Other Options

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Vista MX/REE for BMR, RMR, REE (includes all below) 17585 0.00

Canopy Resting VO2 Module 17597 3,695.00

Clear Plastic Canopy (Reusable, now with tube connectors) 17108 435.00

Veil for Canopy 17109 195.00

Canopy Tube Connector, each (replacements for older canopies) 17110 95.00
  Buy 5 or more for $85.00 each