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High or Low O2 Delivery Systems

High or Low O2 Delivery Ssytem
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Includes all components to deliver either high or low oxygen concentrations to test subject.

Custom systems available.

Standard system includes the following:

  • A high flow pressure regulators to fit H-tanks
    (Buy H-tanks locally, two are recommended so you can
    switch tanks if gas runs out during test)
  • Tubing from tanks to bag
  • 200 liter breathing bag # 1196-200
    (Or any other size)
  • Bag hanger assembly # 1195-X
  • IV Pole to suspend bag and all parts
  • Stopcock # R2100C
    (To switch test subject from air breathing to bag)
  • Breathing tube, bag to mouth
  • Non-rebreathing valve R2700
  • Overhead suspension kit to support Valve R2700
  • Mask Starter Kit
  • Assembly, test and misc parts

      Prices may vary

      Last Updated: 14 Apr 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

HiOx Stand 17059 2,695.00

Balloon Hanger Assembly 1195-X 425.00