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#17130 Spiro Flow-Volume Module (USB)

For short or long-time recording of ventilation data

The perfect research or teaching tool

The Spiro Flow-Volume Module quickly and inexpensively records ventilation data, including breath-by-breath tidal volume, breathing rate, minute ventilation and FEV1.

During the test you can choose to see a live plot of flow-time or volume-time, record up to 20 flow-volume loops on command and record TV, RR, VE, FEV1 for each breath or a chosen average of breaths. Blood pressure may be manually inserted or automatically with the BP option listed below.

How it works:

Ventilation data my be recorded bi-directional by placing the flow sensor at the mouth connected to a face mask or mouthpiece, or uni-directional by placing the flow sensor at the inspired or expired port of a breathing valve or setup.
You connect the data acquisition module to your PC, open our TurboFit software, enter the test subject's personal information and start recording.

(Click on photo to enlarge it,
then on BACK button to return)

Main components of the Spiro Flow-Volume Module

  • PC-based data acquisition module
  • TurboFit-FV software records ventilation and heart rate data, controls certain exercise devices.
  • Permanently calibrated bi-directional turbine air flow sensor
    (One end 1-3/8" [35 mm] OD, other end 1-3/8" ID, adapters available)
    (Special low-flow sensor available on request)

Key features of the Spiro Flow-Volume Module

  • Graphic and numerical PC display and recording of the following data for each breath:
    Tidal volume, breathing rate, Ve, VEsum, Flow-volume loop on command, continuous strip chart-like display of flow vs. time or volume vs. time and breath number.
  • Partial list of computed variables:
    Minute volume (Ve), FEV1, Peak flow (PEF), Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) and VEsum.
  • Signal out connector:
    Standard is analog out on BNC connector.
    optional TTL pulse out on special order
  • Operates on PC power supplied via USB connection, no external power supply.
  • All data may be averaged (filtered) breath-by-breath or at timed intervals.

Here is a typical on-screen example:

A plot of 3 flow-volume loops overlay.

Optional Add-ons:
(Optional data to be recorded)

  • Reusable silicone face mask, choice of size including head support
    "Click to V2 mask"
  • Breathing valves and related adapters
  • Polar heart rate option
  • Electronic blood pressure meter
  • Drivers for automatic control of certain treadmill and cycle ergometers


Flow/volume accuracy +/-2%

This product is not intended to cure, diagnose, heal or mitigate any illness or condition.

Last Updated: 25 Mar 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

3-liter Calibration Syringe 1092 345.00

1-Liter Calibration Syringe 1092-1 535.00
  Buy 5 or more for $360.00 each

Flow Sensor Extension Cable, 10 ft 17025-2 110.00

Flow-Volume Module 17130 3,395.00

USB Heart Rate Interface 17038A 295.00