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The best & latest: The V2 Mask (Replaces V-mask)

The mask with filters to use for VO2 testing during Covid times
(May need additional support to balance weight near face)

  • Parts to order:
  • The face piece, such as part number R669196
  • Head Gear, such as part number R201493
  • Adapter, face piece to Breathing Valve, part number V-MIR
  • Breathing valve without mouthport, part number Y2700
  • Filter, green, peak flow rated 600LPM, part number 3421
  • Coupler, filter to 1011-xx series (35mm ID) tubing, part number 1085

    The "V2-Mask" will replace the 89xx series masks as well as the V-mask.

    (Click on photo to enlarge it,
    then on BACK button to return)

    V2 mask shown here with R2700 valve attached.

    (Click on photo to enlarge it,
    then on BACK button to return)

    This new blue face mask has a new improved anatomically contoured face piece and sealing flange shape with ribbed support on the nose area for a leak-free comfortable fit.
    Many adapters are listed below.

    • Multi-patient, multi-use, Reusable & steam autoclavable
    • 5 sizes to cover wide range of patient sizes
    • Validated for cold chemical high-level disinfection or steam autoclavable sterilization
    • Anatomically contoured design with ribbed support for leak-free ventilation and patient comfort.
    • Easy to fit, comfortable to wear and simple to clean
    • Silicone, no latex

    Adapters to valves and many flow sensors
    Check the list below, V2-Masks can be interfaced to most popular devices

    All new headgear sold separately, older headgear will not fit.

    V2-Mask with Two-Way Non-rebreathing Valve
    Listed below, order headgear separately.

    Port Adapters
    All port adapters made of autoclavable polysulfone plastic, they mate to all 5 sizes of face pieces listed here.

    Typical V2-Mask to Valve Setup
    Photo below shows V2-Mask Face Piece, V-MIR or R200583 Adapters, and Y2700 valve. (Y2700 is R2700 without mouthport because mouthport is not needed to connect to mask)

    Steam Sterilization
    10-15 minutes at 132-135 degC

    Includes S-M-L Face pieces, headgear to fit S & M, headgear to fit L, and adapter V-MIR (Adapter in photo below). Note clear plastic replacement braces on blue V2 face piece (upper and lower set) at bottom of price list.

    Adapters to Pneumotach and 35mm Breathing Valves
    To connect pneumotach to Breathing valve with 35mm OD port use part # CC1067.

    To connect pneumotach to V2 mask, use part # CC1748 or CC1265.
    See photo below.

    Last Updated: 1 Feb 2022
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

V2 Mask, large, face piece only R669195 82.00

V2 Mask, medium, Face Piece only R669196 82.00
  Buy 5 or more for $77.00 each

V2 Mask, small, Face Piece only R669197 82.00
  Buy 5 or more for $77.00 each

V2 Mask, extra-small, Face Piece only R669198 82.00
  Buy 5 or more for $77.00 each

V2 Mask, petite, Face Piece only R669199 82.00
  Buy 5 or more for $77.00 each

Mask Sizing Gauge R691141 16.00

Head Gear, small, for extra-small and petite face pieces R201492 65.00
  Buy 5 or more for $63.00 each

Head Gear, medium, for small and medium face pieces R201493 65.00
  Buy 5 or more for $63.00 each

Same as R2700, but no mouthport Y2700 331.00

Head Gear, large, for large face pieces R201494 65.00
  Buy 5 or more for $63.00 each

Adapter to Viasys/Sensormedics Thermal Mass flow Sensor R612864 119.00

Adapter to Jaeger Triple-V Turbine R612399 180.00

Adapter to Medical Graphics "Prevent" Flow Sensor R201003 225.00

Adapter to Schiller Flow Sensor (w fem luer port) R201519 102.00

Adapter, straight, 28.6mm OD, 22mm ID R612462 125.00

Adapter, straight swivel port, 22 mm ID R201453 125.00

Adapter: V2 mask to R1410A mouth port R612782 120.00

Adapter, straight swivel port, 22 mm OD R201443 125.00

Adapter, V2 Mask to T-piece with both ends 22 mm OD ports R201302 135.60

Adapter without Luer port. V2 Mask to R2700, Y2700 & MIR V-MIR 85.00

Adapter, V2 Mask with 22mm ID Port V-22mm ID 85.00

Adapter with Luer port, V2-Mask to R2700 or Y2700 R200583 140.00

Adapter with Luer port, V2-Mask to R2600 R200584 140.00

Adapter, V2 Mask to Q-valve QMP10 165.00

Adapter, V2 Mask to 1-3/8" (35mm) ID O-ring fitting CC1265 160.00

V2-Mask Face Pieces S-M-L, Head Gear M & L, V-MIR Adapter V2KIT 451.00

Replacement plastic braces (set) for medium V2 mask R201608 35.00

Replacement plastic braces (set) for large V2 mask R201607 35.00

Replacement plastic braces (set) for small V2 mask R201603 35.00

Clip Set for V2 Head Gear (includes 4 clips and Tri-Glide on Crown) R201555 15.00

Adapter V2 mask to KL Turbine RCC1276 142.00

V2 Mask Adapter,silicone, 35mm OD for Carefusion & Cortex Flow Meters R602048 35.00

Adapter replaces R2700 Mouthport with 35mm ID O-ring fitting. (Buy Y2700, has no mouthport) CC1067 160.00

Adapter, V2 mask to series R3813 or R3830C Pneumotach. Has 35mm ID O-ring configuration, no sample port. CC1265 160.00

Adapter, V2 mask to series R3813 or R3830C Pneumotach. Has 35mm ID O-ring configuration with sample ports. CC1748 160.00

Spirometer Filter, green, box of 50 3421 162.00
  Buy 4 or more for $152.00 each

Coupler, hard plastic, both ends tapered 1085 9.95
  Buy 5 or more for $9.00 each