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"Bodystat 1500MDD" Body Composition Analyzer

Dual Frequency Adults & Children

The Bodystat®1500MDD is a lightweight, hand-held, battery operated Bio-impedance Analyzer which is easy to use and requires no specialist skills. It is a non-invasive device, which measures the impedance value of the body providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole Body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy.

The Bodystat®1500MDD has four main cable leads of which each lead has a crocodile/alligator clip. These clips are attached to the exposed tabs on the electrodes. The subject's Gender, Age, Height, Weight and Activity Level (optional) are entered using the three keypads. It works by passing a safe battery generated signal through the body and measuring the impedance at two frequencies of 5 kHz and 50 kHz. Once the test has been performed a complete body composition analysis is displayed on the LCD screen within five seconds comprising Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Dry Lean Mass, Total Body Water and optimal ranges. Metabolic rates, waist/hip ratio, BMI. BFMI, FFMI, and a Wellness marker are also displayed on the LCD screen.

The Bodystat®1500MDD measures/calculates
  • Body Fat % and Fat Weight*
  • Lean Mass % and Body Lean Mass *
  • Total Weight
  • Body Water % and Body Water*
  • Plus Normal Levels
  • Intracellular and extracellular water (ICW & ECW)
  • Dry Lean Mass*
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement*
  • Body Mass Index - Plus Normal Range
  • Body Fat Mass Index (BFMI)*
  • Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)*
  • Wellness Marker
  • Impedance Values at 5kHz and 50kHz
  • Resistance and Reactance at 50kHz
  • Phase Angle at 50 kHz
* Estimated
  • Dual Frequency
  • Safe and Non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes Wellness and Body Manager Software
  • Software uses Bluetooth technology for PC communication
  • Test results available within seconds
  • Battery operated
  • High contrast, 2 line LCD display
  • Automatic 100 test counter
  • Subject data recall
  • Actual results & recommended ranges
  • Low battery alarm system
  • Accepts metric and imperial units
  • Quality clearance: CE0120 Medical Devices Directive and FDA
  • Available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • 24 month Parts and Labor Warranty on a return to factory basis
  • Quality approved: CE 0120 Medical Devices Directive and FDA
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Optional printer kit

  • Unique Wellness Marker: Overall health assessment irrespective of age, weight or population group
  • Essential motivational tool especially for weight loss programs
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Fat/Lean Mass, especially for patients with wasting diseases
  • Far more informative than BMI
  • Trend graphs with Body Manager software available for quick evaluation for remedial action
  • Cardiac Risk Analysis Program included with Body Manager Software
  • Automatic selection of equations for children, geriatrics and professional athletes
  • Portability allows use in many different locations

The Bodystat®1500MDD System includes:
  • Bio-Impedance Analysis Unit
  • Comprehensive User's Guide on CD
  • Cable Leads
  • 120 Disposable Electrodes
  • Calibrator
  • Duracell Batteries included
  • Wellness & Body Manager Software Programs
    (No annual licence fee)with unlimited phone/e-mal softwre support
  • Bluetooth module fitted to download stored test data to a PC
  • Padded Shoulder Carrying Case included
  • Pictorial laminated Quick Guide
  • 24 months Parts and Labor Warranty on a return to factory basis

Additional Promotional Material and Accessories
  • Poster - The Science of Body Composition (A2 size and laminated)

Software runs on Windows-xp and Win-7.
Wellness Software (Included with Bodystat 1500MDD No. 17086

The Wellness Program is a basic program that focuses on education and is ideal for first time assessments on subjects. It has been specifically designed to enable a user to promote the entire concept of wellness.

It provides specific information (up to 17 pages) on the body composition and health status of a subject. The body composition data is downloaded automatically from the Bodystat unit and other measurements (waist and hip, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, aerobic capacity, flexibility, grip strength, lung function) can be keyed in. There is also space to allow the user to include their own comments.
Sample Wellness Program Report printouts are available by
"Clicking Here"

The program's unique graphical presentations provide information on each of the specific measurements in an educational format. The importance of each measurement relating to the subject's health status is also explained - thus enhancing subject motivation

Body Manager Software No. 17087

The Body Manager Program includes more powerful data management features and extended algorithms down to 6 years of age anf up to age 90. It is ideal for Health Clubs when a client returns to be tested in order to track their changes in body composition over a period of time.

  • Body Composition analysis in a 2-page summary report.
  • Trend Report - enables a user to track all measurements and impedance values over a period of time.
  • Weight & Activity Manager - allows a user to develop a series of exercises in order to calculate the amount of kilocalories these will burn. This adjustment may then be incorporated into a user's own diet program. The number of weeks taken to achieve goal weight is automatically determined.
  • Cardiac Risk Analysis - assessment of health status relating to lifestyle based on the largest study (The Framingham Study) of its kind in the world conducted in Massachusetts, USA. Factors include exercise levels, smoking, blood pressure, family history, etc.

    The software provides a perfect opportunity to expose the client to "What-if?" scenarios. For example "What if you reduce your smoking from 40 to 10 cigarettes a day?" The screen displays the effects of potential lifestyle changes like this, in a colourful informative way. This provides the subject with an immediate incentive to make the hypothetical improvements real, especially when they get the printed report.

  • Alternative Equations - these are available for competitive athletes, children 6 years and over and geriatrics and may be selected as required by the user to determine % fat and lean muscle levels. Alternative metabolic formulae are also included and the user has the option to select their own % fat ranges.
  • Sample Body Manager Report printouts are available by clicking here:

Click here to view the 4-frequency "Quadscan"

"Being involved in a practice which concentrates on preventative health, I have found Bodystat an invaluable tool in motivating the overweight patient, giving dietary advice to athletes and stressing the importance of healthy eating habits amongst business executives"

Dr. N.R. Grobbelaar Preventative Health Care Clinic, South Africa.

"The Bodystat machine is the best clinical tool I have probably ever had. We've done over 1600 tests now and give a print-out to each patient which gives them a new perspective on weight/fat reduction."

Dr Timothy Orchard, Queensland, Australia

"I wanted to tell you personally that I am very pleased with the way your product has been useful in my practice here at my clinics and with the awareness camps in the rural areas. It is simply superb. As a Bariatric physician I can say that I am much satisfied with it's usefulness in Bariatric practice in India."

Dr. Kola Chris Vedanth, Bariatric Physician, SlenderTouch Obesity Control Clinics, India.

"The Bodystat Body Composition analysis program has been doing extremely well - we have set up a Cardiac Risk Analysis program in conjunction and our employees are very appreciative. We have also found that our health promotion efforts are now more effective when our employees have something tangible and personalized."

Leah A Stewart, Research Officer, Augustus Long Hospital, Trinidad, West Indies

Last Updated: 21 Aug 2023
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Bodystat 1500MDD 17084 3,675.00

Bodystat Printer Kit 17088 515.50

Electrodes for MDD/Quadscan **NOW USE REPLACEMENT PART# 17085-2** 17085-3 17.75
  Buy 5 or more for $16.85 each

Replacement Wire Set 17085-4 125.00

Bluetooth Adaptr for your PC (if needed) 17085-5 85.00

Printer Paper, 2 large rolls 17085-12 25.00

BIAS Body Manager Pro Software (2015 Upgrade) 17087-1 345.00

Replacement cables for touchscreen models 17082-1 155.50

Bodystat touchscreen printer kit 17088T 515.00