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"SlimLAB" and "SlimLAB PRO" VO2 Measurement Systems for BMR/REE

A VO2 Measurement System for Resting Energy Expenditure Measurements (REE - BMR)

Model 17606 above

An REE measurement without VO2
is like measuring Body Fat with a Tape Measure!

5-Year Warranty!
No expenses for 5 years!
No "per test" fees

Accurate for Resting Measurements:
REE - - BMR - - RMR

Includes features not available from competitors:

  • Model 17606 assumes standard RQ of 0.85, but you may change
  • Model 17607 actually measures the RQ
  • Barometric pressure/altitude compensated O2 sensor for super stability.
  • No "per test" fees

Slim Lab system includes an oxygen analyzer, permanently calibrated flow sensor, Barometric pressure and temperature sensors, face masks with head gear, USB interface and TurboFit software for Windows xp, Win 7 & 8.

The advantage of PC-based instruments is that it allows you to see the test in progress on the computer screen. As you can see, it takes a few minutes for the breathing pattern to become stable in order to obtain valid results.
PC not included, but may be ordered from us.


Data is displayed on-line on a PC using our TurboFit software, click here for "TurboFit" features and specifications. Not all variables are available with Slim Lab.

Click here for Sample Printouts

Leasing and Rent-to-Own plans are available

Specifications for SlimLab model 17606

  • Self calibrating, but may be calibrated
    with optional calibration gas and calibration syringe
  • VO2 accuracy of model 17606: 5%
  • Flow Sensor accuracy: +/-2%
  • O2 Sensor Life: 3 years min
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Warrany: 5 years

    Specifications for SlimLab PRO model 17607

    • Self calibrating, but may be calibrated
      with optional calibration gas and calibration syringe
    • VO2 and VCO2 accuracy of model 17607: 3%
    • Flow Sensor accuracy: +/-2%
    • O2 Sensor Life: 4+ years
    • Permanent infra-red CO2 sensor
    • Weight: 10 pounds
    • Warrany: 5 years

      To view a typical reusable V2-Mask and Valve Setup,
      click "V2-Mask Setup"

      Click here for Single-use & reusable mouthpiece and mask setups

      Last Updated: 8 Sept 2019

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Slim Lab VO2 Measurement System 17606 6,995.00

Monthly Rental of 17606, 3-month min 17606-3 335.00

SlimLAB PRO with CO2 17607 10,995.00

Monthly Rental of 17607, 3-month min 17607-3 495.00

Mini-Mobile Cart for Slim Lab and Notebook PC 17616 395.00