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"GoOxygen": A new way to train!

Supplemental Oxygen Sports Performance Enhancement


  • A new, more effective way to train
  • Improved exercise tolerance at all levels and ages
  • Cost-effective competitive advantage
  • High intensity training with lower "perceived effort"
  • Increased aerobic capacity and power output
  • Longer high intensity workouts due to increased anaerobic (lactic) threshold
  • Ethical sports performance enhancement - World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sanctioned
  • The easy way to "Live High - Train Low"

What is Hyperoxic Training?

Hyperoxic training is supplemental oxygen training for elite athletes aimed toward performance enhancement. The GoOxygen hyperoxic system entails an athlete wearing a special breathing mask connected to the GoOxygen device while conducting intervals on a stationary trainer (e.g., bicycle, treadmill, rowing machine, etc.).

The GoOxygen system provides an enriched oxygen mixture, allowing an athlete to breathe 50% oxygen during training sessions, as opposed to the 21% oxygen that an athlete regularly breathes in ordinary training conditions.
The O2 range is fully adjustable from approx. 30% to 70%, but we do not recommend exceeding 50% in normal use.

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This hyperoxic training supersaturates the athlete's blood with oxygen and increases their lactate threshold, thus allowing the athlete to train at a higher intensity for a longer period of time. Ultimately, hyperoxic training with the GoOxygen system moves the athlete's lactate threshold closer to their VO2 max, thus enhancing their overall performance capacity.

Here is how it works in the High O2 training mode: You connect a tank containing 100% O2 to the device, which will then be diluted with room air to achieve the set O2 concentration, typically 50%. The device has an automatic filling system that stores the gas mixture as needed and an O2 analyzer/indicator to verify the chosen O2 concentration.

  • Supra-maximal muscle training
  • World Anti-Doping Ageny sanctioned
  • Copies of publications available on request

Use it also for Hypoxic Training

Simulated High Altitude Training
In the Hypoxic mode, a tank containing 100% N2 is connected instead, so again, a low O2 gas mixture adjustable from ~ 10% to 18% O2 can be produced as needed.

Use it also for Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnea to identify Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction

Exercise Induced Asthma test specified by the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission
Used with dry gas containing 21%O2, 5%CO2, bal N2, the GoOxygen system provides an elegant automatic refill system, making the clumsy Douglas bag method obsolete.
Combine it with our Cat. No. 17130 Flow-Volume Module and you can record TV, RR, VE & FEV1 on your PC.
So for the EVH test you will need the EVH modification, the model 17130 module and the 21% O2 - 5% CO2 gas.

Size: 12.3" wide x 24.5" long x 27" high
Max Flow Rate: 300 LPM breathing capacity (Ventilation)
Weight: 30 pounds

This product is not intended to cure, diagnose, heal or mitigate any illness or condition.

Last Updated: 6 FEB 2018
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

"GoOxygen" Hyperoxic / Hypoxic Training System 13500 1.00

EVH Modification 13500-1 795.00