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Advanced Exercise Prescription Module

Based on your test data!

VacuMed's "TurboFit" Software for Metabolic Measurement Systems now has an Exercise Rx Option

Your client, test subject or "Patient" does a typical VO2 max or sub-max test. The data may be used simply as a fitness analysis or even a clinical health assessment, and NOW you can prescribe an exercise plan.

Here is how our new Exercise Prescription Module (Rx) works:

1. You and your client determine how many days a week they want to exercise and the fitness level or athletic performance goals he or she might have.

2. Automatic exercise zones are created based on:

  • Your VO2 test data
  • Your Heart rate response
  • Your Anaerobic /Lactate threshold

    3. The software creates an exercise plan.

    4. You explain how the improved exercise capacity will improve metabolic efficiency by increasing the percentage of fat calories burned for any given exercise level.

    Last Updated: 19 June 2017

  • Qty Product Catalog Number Price

    Exercise Prescription Module 17002 495.00