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VO2 Master Pro

On-face VO2 Metabolic Measurement System

New! Really New! Low introductory price!

VO2 Master is the world’s first wearable, affordable and easy-to-use VO2 monitor that is entirely face-worn. A marvel of miniaturization technology: Face piece includes O2 sensor, flow sensor, temperature and barometric pressure sensor.

It is the perfect device for fitness testing in Fitness Clubs and training facilities, mass testing in schools and sports clubs, and basic physiology teaching. The price is low enough to be affordable for tight budgets.

Live data is displayed on i-Phone or i-Pad in VO2 Master Manager App. No data is stored on the VO2 Master, so user should carry an Android or i-device during testing.
VO2 Master is intended for resting (BMR), VO2max or sub-max testing.

  • Live data display on iOS or Andriod mobile devices over Bluetooth

  • Simple Analysis Software, built-in PDF report generation

  • Single enclosure design, no arm bands or backpacks.

  • Easy to replace single use HEPA-grade filter medium ensures sanitation between users.

  • Entirely face-worn.

  • Aerodynamic design that conforms to the face.

  • No cables, no tubes, no hassles.

  • Same high quality galvanic oxygen sensing technology as used in industry standard lab equipment.

  • Direct measurement at the mouth results in accurate, repeatable data sampling.

Device Specifications
VO2 Accuracy: +/-5%
Flow Accuracy: +/-3%
Flow Sensors & Range (Ve): RMR = 3 to 25 LPM
Med Range = 30 to 160 LPM
Athletic Range = 40 to 220 LPM
Battery Life: 8 hrs on a single AAA battery
Weight: 320g (200g unit, 120g mask)
Dimensions: 124mm x 88mm x 47mm (Excl mask)
Calibration: Automatic (Flow calibration with syringe optional)

This is a Fitness Testing Device
This product is not intended to cure, diagnose, heal or mitigate any illness or condition.

Last Updated: 14 Sept 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

VO2 Master Pro 17350 6,315.00
  Buy 5 or more for $6,095.00 each

Breathing Filters (Box or 50) 17350-2 65.00