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Running Men
4125 Market St #10
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
Full-face Mask with non-rebreathing valves, Headgear

A low-cost breathing system for VO2 Testing or CPAP use

A disposable mask for CPAP and VO2 testing.

An air cushion mask with a comfortable leak tight fit, use with headgear KM420 or KM421 (Order separately)

Dual Inhale ports: 22mm OD and 10mm safety port for CPAP use.

30mm OD Exhale port
Adapters for exhale port: # IBE193 reduces to 22mm OD to connect to 22mm ID tubing typically used for resting (REE/BMR) VO2 testing or CPAP.

KM435 adapts to make exhale port 35mm (1-3/8") OD
to connect to 35mm tubing typically used for exercise VO2 testing

Key Features:

  • Comfortable air cushion
  • Leak tight
  • Light weight
  • Supplemental oxygen inlet port
  • Air cushion volume can be adjusted for maximum comfort
  • Safety inhale port for CPAP application

    Photo below is Universal Headgear # KM800 with 4 Velcro straps plus overhead adjustable strap.

    Photo below is Silicone Headgear # KM420 (top)
    and Silicone Headgear # KM421 (bottom)

    Elbow, 22mm, male-female, when connected to inhale port, can be used to route CPAP hose over head.

    Last Updated: 6 Nov 2019

  • Qty Product Catalog Number Price

    Non-Rebreathing/CPAP Mask, each KM400 12.95
      Buy 5 or more for $9.95 each

    Non-rebreathing/CPAP Mask, box of 10 KM401 75.00

    Adapter, reduces exhale port to 22mm OD IBE193 9.00

    Head Strap, Silicon, Heavy Duty KM420 12.75
      Buy 5 or more for $11.50 each

    Head Strap, Silicon, light duty or disposable KM421 5.50
      Buy 5 or more for $5.00 each

    Increases exhale port to 35mm OD KM435 9.00

    Head Gear with 4 Velcro-tipped straps KM800 25.00
      Buy 5 or more for $20.00 each

    Elbow, male-female 22mm, box of 50. Ideal for connecting CPAP inhale tube at 90 deg angle. 1471-50 54.00
      Buy 5 or more for $50.75 each