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"Monark" 874E Ergomedic Weight Ergometer

Monark weight ergometer designed for physiology labs.

Replaces model 824E

This ergometer uses precise weights placed on a basket to provide finite work loads - 4 - 1kg, 1 - 0.5kg, and 4 - 0.1 kg weights included. Self-calibrating. The maximum load capacity of this model is 10 kp. Also, shows conversion table for calculation of power in watts at various rpm's & resistance. Electronic readouts of speed, distance, pedal rpm & time.
Min load is 1kp.

Main Functions:

  • Weight ergometer for tests and exercise
  • Meets medical requirements for fitness tests linked to EKG recording
  • Meets the requirements of rehabilitation physiotherapists and fitness coaches
  • Electronic display of time, speed, distance and pedalling rate (rpm)
  • Watt conversion table for different pedalling rates
  • 22 kg (49 lbs) flywheel for even motion.

  • Standard weights included: 4 ea 1 kg, 1 ea 0.5 kg, 4 ea 0.1 kg. The weight basket weighs 1 kg. More weights can be purchased separately. The maximum loading for the model 874E is 10 kp.

    Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

    Last Updated: 2 Feb 2022

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Monark Weight Ergometer 17874E 4,900.00

1 kg Weight (Spare) 9102-26 90.00

0.5 Kg Weight (Spare) 9102-27 70.00

0.1 Kg Weight (Spare) 9102-30 60.00