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Good if not Great Travel with Oxygen

Practical advise on how to arrange a successful trip with oxygen

By Bill Peterson, 38 pages, 1993

Just because a person has need for continuous oxygen therapy doesn't mean he or she can not enjoy traveling, that is the message of Good if not Great Travel with Oxygen.

A loving story of experiences by an oxgyen dependent lady and her husband. They used their auto, stayed several days in a distant city and enjoyed a cruise to Bermuda. Even had a serious mishap aboard ship - - - solved by a helpful crew.

This small book is full of information and advice on many subjects of interest to, not only oxygen users, but all individuals with breathing disorders. Motivation just to get out of the house, to attend the Better Breathing Club, to see a movie and eat at a favorite restaurant across town (with a hint on how to advoid food allergies). What can be expected at motels/hotels and naming lodging chains with understanding. A Suggestion on safest days and times to travel by air, and why. A caution about a visit to the dentist is included. With lots of other information to make life easier.

Newest equipment the homecare oxygen supplier can make available to their smart, knowledgeable customers. For instance, should a 55 lb. wheelchair or a 14 lb. travelchair be used? What type of O2 is really easier and dependable?

Open some doors, doors that you did not know were there!

A little book, that is to some extent, a remedial reader for the patient just starting supplementary oxygen, but also, it is for the person that has been on oxygen for some time, an interesting story with some ideas this experienced person may not have thought about. A good, easy read! Many answers in this very special book. A YES, Yes you can - story.

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Good if not Great Travel with Oxygen 9222 8.95