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Air Cushion Mask

Leak-tight mouth and nose coverage

Leaktight air cushion mask setup includes air cushion mask, spirometer filter (2), headgear and strap attachment plate.

The mask and filter are FDA listed and routinely sold to hospitals and doctors in bulk boxes. You can buy in bulk and assemble yourself or buy Pre-assembled KM99. The price includes assembly labor and 2 filters.

The standard setup includes a MEDIUM size mask which fits perhaps 80% of people. You can specify LARGE or SMALL, same price.

Do not share this mask setup, it is intended to be used by one person only.

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Covid Masks

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2022
Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Covid Virus Air Cushion Mask Setup KM99 75.00
  Buy 5 or more for $68.00 each

Air Cushion Mask Med Adult, Box of 20 KM202 109.95

Spirometer Filter, green, Box of 50 3421 162.00
  Buy 4 or more for $152.00 each

Spirometer Filter, green, bag of 10 3421-10 40.00

Head Support for KM Masks KM800 25.00

Head Support for KM Masks, Box of 10 KM801 150.00

Strap Attachment Plate, each KM900 25.00

Strap Attachment Plate, Box of 10 KM910 175.00