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Running Men
4125 Market St #10
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
"Vista VO2 Lab" A low-cost VO2 Measurement System

A Breath-by-Breath Mixing Chamber Type System For Sports, Fitness & Education.

A Fitness Evaluation without VO2
is like measuring Body Fat with a Ruler!

1-Year Warranty

Accurate for Resting & VO2max Measurements

  • Accurate Lactate/Anaerobic Threshold Determination
  • Precision VO2 determination from rest to VO2max
    (No need to buy two systems)
  • Heart rate interfaces for Polar, ECG
  • Optional automatic blood pressure meter
Includes value added features:
  • RQ compensated VO2 determination
  • Barometric pressure/altitude compensated O2 sensor for super stability.
  • No "per test" fees

Vista VO2 Lab system includes an oxygen analyzer, permanently calibrated flow sensor, Barometric pressure and temperature sensors, face masks with head gear, USB interface and TurboFit software for Windows xp, Win-7 & 10 (32 & 64-bit).

To view or print a 4-page data sheet, Click here to open a PDF file.

Para ver o imprimir las especificaciones tecnicas (4 paginas), haga click aqui para abrir un archivo PDF en espanol.

Options include Polar heart rate interface, computer-controlled treadmills and ergometers.

Data is displayed on-line on a PC using our TurboFit software, click here for "TurboFit" features and specifications. Not all variables are available with Vista VO2 Lab.

To view the newest TurboFit features, Click here to open a PDF file.

Click here for Sample Printouts

"Rent-to-Own" it for $495 per month!

Introductory prices subject to change without notice

For a Rental Agreement, Click here to open a PDF file.
For a Sample Quotation, Click here to open a PDF file.

To view a typical reusable V-Mask and Valve Setup, click "V2-Mask Setup"

Click here for Single-use & reusable mouthpiece and mask setups

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2024

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Vista VO2 Lab with 1-Year Warranty 17605 4,995.00

High-flow Valve Kit & Accessories for VO2max test included 17605-2 0.00

Mini-Cart 17614 750.00

USB Heart Rate Interface 17038A 295.00

Low Flow Setup for RMR/BMR V704-02 1,395.00